Kent Coffey

Kent Coffey Furniture provided modernity, quality and affordability to the American market and fuelled the desire for a modern mode of living throughout the 1950s and '60s.

The Kent Coffey Manufacturing Company was founded in 1907 by Harold Coffey in Lenoir, North Carolina. The company was a part of what was a boom in furniture manufacturing in the area at the time - local contemporaries were James Broyhill and John Bernhardt.

Kent Coffey offered furniture lines for living areas, bedrooms and offices - some of the lines produced include "Perspecta," "Tableau" and "Forum."

The company was sold to the Singer Furniture Company (a subsidiary of the company that produced the Singer sewing machine) in 1983 which eventually went bankrupt in 1997.

Today, Kent Coffey pieces are coveted by mid-century collectors due to their high quality and American flair.

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