Charles Furey

Dillon Charles Furey (1917-2009) is responsible for classic and enduring design icons, like a range of Pyrex Casserole Dishes.

Industrial design in Australia started in the hands of a small group which included Charles Furey. In 92 years of life he applied his talent to a staggering range of design challenges. Highlights include the first one-piece polypropelene chair (the Integra for Sebel), in production for 30+ years and the first styrofoam cooler.

Born, raised and qualified in Australia, Furey stood comfortably in competition against international designers. He exhibited in Paris at the Louvre in 1963 but still found that manufacturers tended to send scarce design work overseas.

Furey admired the "less is more" Bauhaus approach and avoided excess, even in relationships. His daughter received a note from Furey's deathbed and was disappointed to read simply functional contents like instructions for the division of his property. He protested "But I wrote, 'Love Dad'".

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