Viking Furniture

Viking pieces have a surprising degree of craft and finesse. Legitimate Scandinavian pedigree is clearly evidenced in the clean, modernist designs.

Viking Furniture was produced by BL Hart Co Ltd. The company was initially an importer of Danish flat-pack furniture. High import duties introduced in the 50s meant switching to Danish and Dutch immigrant craftsmen to locally produce their own simple, wooden-framed lounge seating.

Viking furniture is graceful from every angle. The viking trademark style incorporates low seat backs with slender arms stretching well beyond cigar shaped legs and often arched front rail. More than any other mid-century "show wood" chair produced in this country, Viking furniture best replicates the Scandinavian look. Think Hans Wegner, Grete Jalk or Finn Juhl.

Reference: At Home - A Century of New Zealand Design by Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins

Our Viking Furniture pieces