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Fler is responsible for some of the most stunning Australasian furniture design of the mid century period. Its designs have helped to define the Scandi-Pacific style.

As Jewish migrants from Nazi Europe, Fred Lowen and Ernest Rodeck met at Tatura Internment Camp and developed a lifelong friendship. Lowen and Rodeck went into business partnership. It was a humble beginning – the company workshop was in fact a two-horse stable. Fred had no experience with wood however he crafted small wooden objects and Ernest made propelling pencils.

Such talent was always destined for greater things. In 1948 with the help of Fred Ward (furniture designer for Myers at the time) Fler began to produce simple spindle legged dining room chairs. From then on they released a string of popular, contemporary pieces. The much loved SC55 and SC58 armchairs (designed 1955-1958) and Narvik dining and lounge range in 1961 are classic examples of the sleek Fler aesthetic.

In 1966 Fler was taken over by Australian Controls and for two years Lowen continued as Design Director of the company. In 1968 Lowen left Fler to start up Twen (Tessa Furniture) with Howard Lindsey.

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