Grant Featherston

Grant Featherston stands at the pinnacle of Australian design. His forward thinking organic style makes his designs some of the most sought after today.

Grant Featherston was a pioneer of uniquely Australasian design. Straight out of WW2 he designed his iconic 'Countour' series. This was set of organically sculpted ply chairs, plushly upholstered. Featherston was no copycat; nothing like this had been seen in Australia before. They remain some of the most sought after mid century design pieces out there.

Featherston excelled in his work with timber, leather, cane, glass and textiles, drawing constant inspiration from the natural world and organic form. Together with his wife Mary Featherston the pair completed pieces like the iconic Expo 67 Talking Chair and the Numero range for Uniroyal.

Featherston was a champion for home grown design. He was the foundation member of the Society of Designers for Industry, which, in time, was to become the Design Institute of Australia.

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