Frank Guille

Frank Guille (1927-) was one of Britain's finest mid-century designers. His work was defined by a dedication to function, utility and simplicity.

Under a string of brilliant teachers, Frank Guille was shaped to become part of a new wave of designers. He first learned from English masters Robin Day and Gordon Russell. Later, on scholarship in Copenhagen, he studied under one of the founders of Danish modern furniture design - Kaare Klint.

One commission led Guille to his strongest body of work - Kandya Ltd asked Guille to restyle the 'Jason' chair. The project led to a contract design consultant arrangement for the next twenty years. In addition Guille carried out various roles at the Royal College of Art.

Unfortunately the importance of Guille's elegant design solutions were often overlooked. His pieces were so visually simple and refined that these aspects belie the intelligence of their creation.

Our Frank Guille pieces