Vono Furniture

Vono Furniture was a must have item in any aspiring middle-class Kiwi home during the mid 20th century.

When New Zealand clamped down on imports in the late 1950s, it presented an opportunity for local production of international products. Vono was a British firm that specialised in making inner sprung mattresses and bed wires. The rights to produce the Vono range was granted to Wellington firm B.L Hart (who also produced the popular range of Viking Furniture). B.L. Hart produced mattresses and also daybeds and chairs that utilised the Vono spring technology.

In the 1960's Vono furniture was produced by DON Furniture, another prominent New Zealand furniture maker. The Vono designs were very similar to those of DON and showcased a strong Danish modern influence. DON occasionally used Vono labels on their own range of furniture, which allowed them to manufacture similar products but split the brands between different retailers.

Vono furniture retailed through many of New Zealand's leading contemporary furniture stores. It's sleek form, beautiful mahogany frames and high quality construction made it a coveted item in many kiwi homes. Today Vono furniture is just as desirable as it ever was.

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