Stag Furniture

Stag Furniture produced machine-made furniture for the masses and was proud to do so. They specialised in pieces which were as well designed as they were affordable.

Furniture for 'the young of heart and pocket' was Stag's catch cry and they certainly captured this market. Throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s, working British households diligently saved their earnings to fill their bedrooms and dining rooms with beautiful Stag furniture.

John and Sylvia Reid were the design consultants for Stag during this period and they created several series of furniture, which varied in popularity. Initially, the husband and wife team designed furniture which was minimalist to the extreme; furniture with recesses instead of handles, furniture without a curve in sight.

It took awhile for the general public to accept such spare, functionalist designs but with time, the 'C' range and the 'Minstrel' range became the measure of design sophistication and standard issue in any aspiring British household.

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