OMK Associates

The high-tech modernist furniture of British firm OMK was regarded as the epitome of British design during the late 1960s.

OMK stands for Olejnik, Morrison and Kinsman. Professor Rodney Kinsman studied at the Central School of Art and upon graduating in 1965, launched his own furniture design company to market and sell his work.

Under the direction of Kinsman, OMK Associates quickly became one of the leading lights of British high end furniture design in the 1960s and the brand has only increased in popularity over time.

Kinsman's designs were known for their high standards of craftsmanship and were guaranteed to stand the test of time. He worked with quality materials such as chrome steel and premium leather, to create furniture for the retail market.

As time passed, OMK Associates started focusing on creating timeless yet ground-breaking public seating. Kinsman was fascinated by the complex process of high-tech mass production. Since heading in this direction OMK has broken into the international market, furnishing airports, train stations, design houses and expos in over thirty countries.

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