Neils Otto Moller

The most stunning dining chairs we have ever come across were made by this man.

Moller grew up in a family of furniture makers. He soon followed in his father's footsteps finishing his cabinetmaking apprenticeship in 1939 and going on to complete further training at design school.

In 1944 it was time to move on from being an apprentice. Moller was bursting with ideas for his own designs. He founded the company J.L.Moller Mobelfabrik and began to design and produce several lines of furniture; namely dining chairs and tables.

Crafted from rosewood and teak, his pieces took his inspiration from the forms of contemporary jewellery. Moller would take his son out every weekend to see the latest designs in galleries and stores.

You can see this attention to detail in the fine forms of his furniture designs. His chairs are executed with the precision of a jeweller and the forms seem to embrace the body.

Under the leadership of Moller, his company flourished, creating such chairs as the number 71 dining chair (a masterpiece of organic curves) and winning Danish Furniture Prizes in 1974. and 1981

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