Greta von Nessen

From its inception in the 1920s, industrial design was a man's world. Swedish born designer Greta von Nessen was one of the few woman to break into the scene with her inventive and thought provoking design.

Greta married industrial designer Walter von Nessen and together they started Nessen Studios in American in 1927. It was a haven of industrial style and design.

At that time, Greta was one of the only designers to focus soley on lighting solutions. After Walter's death in 1943 she really came into her own, creating new and game changing designs out of componants that had long been readily available.

Her most famous design is the Anywhere Lamp which she designed in 1951. The iconic mushroom style lamp takes its cues from early modernism and the industrial era. These remain highly collectible today.

Through her pioneering spirit and creativity, Von Nessen became one of the game changing designers in America, bringing industrial style to houses all over the country. Her adventuring spirit has influenced countless designers since.

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