Westnofa is one of the great success stories of the Norwegian furniture industry.

Norwegian furniture gained international recognition from the brilliant guidance of export company Westnofa. The name was derived from the combination of 'WEST NOrway FActories' and was formed in the late 1950's by a collaboration of the countries leading furniture manufacturers. The goal was to combine forces to market and export locally produced furniture.

During the 1960's and 70's a number of elegant furniture ranges were produced from highly curved laminated timber. The furniture could easily be flat packed and sent around the world at a low cost. The designs were innovative, contemporary and had a lightness of form rarely achieved from traditional furniture producers. It was an instant success and put Norway on the international map for contemporary furniture.

The most iconic design from Westnofa is undoubtedly the Siesta chair by Ingmar Relling. Its curvaceous profile and elegant form was embraced throughout the world. This was followed by a number of successful offerings from talented designers such as Arnt Lande, solidifying the success of the tiny county internationally.

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