24 DEC 2014

Best Of 2014

Heading into the last days of the year, take a look through some of our favourite things from 2014.

CITY / Chicago was definitely an incredible experience. It's a must-stop destination if you are heading to the US. We highly recommend getting in touch with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, who have an exhaustive list of tours on offer. Mies van der Rohe's career included a lengthy stay in Chicago, where he has created some of the most memorable, forward thinking designs. Visitors will also be treated to contributions from some of the world's most important names in art, architecture and design - Frank Gehry, Renzo Piano, Alexander Calder, Anish Kapoor and Picasso, just for a start.

VINTAGE FAVOURITES / The Peter Protzman Desk is an utterly impressive, sculpted piece of design for the office. We were lucky enough to have purchased and sold our second one this year! With a combination of chrome and highly grained zebrawood, this is a highly coveted piece the world over. We are also in love with the work of Italian glassmaker Antonio de Ros and in particular his 'Momento' vase. Layers of graduated blue glass, reminiscient of a geological excavation, hang suspended in a clear ellipse, swoon!

WATCH / What We Do In The Shadows was our favourite local film of the year. Both hilariously funny and visually stunning, this offering from Taika Waititi follows the adorable (and sometimes gruesome) lives of 6 vampires struggling to deal with the all too familiar dramas of shared living. Recently released on DVD, this is definitely a good rainy day option these holidays.

WATCH / The Grand Budapest Hotel was another film favourite. In true Wes Anderson style, it's kooky and sweet; like a fairytale for grown-ups. Set in the fictional European state of Zubrowka, Ralph Fiennes plays concierge Gustave H; a debonair character who becomes embroiled in the theft of a priceless painting and a murder, as a result of the "exceptional service" he offers the hotel's older lady guests.

READ / Down The Long Driveway, You'll See it, is a recent release by Mary Gaudin & Matthew Arnold. This beautifully designed book is a celebration of New Zealand modernist homes built between the 1940s and the early 1970s. The focus is on 14 key homes and the way in which they have been loved and lived in. This is captured by the gorgeous photography which documents not only the architectural prowess of each home, but their livability and unmistakable "New Zealandness".

STORE / The Lonely Hearts store design stopped us in our tracks as we walked past a few weeks ago. The store front presents a simple, beautifully lit sheet of serene grey stone impressed by the diecut 'Lonely' logotype. The interior continues the description of the store as a private, inviting space with brass accents, a herringbone patterned timber floor and a neutral palette. It's a fitting space to showcase the designs of such an internationally acclaimed lingerie label.

WATCH / We are a little obsessed with the TV series, True Detective, set in deep dark Louisiana. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey play homicide detectives on the trail of a ritualistic killer over a 17 year period. Both actors are superb and the moody Southern Gothic vibe will have you hooked.

NEW DESIGN / The Parison lamp by Nat Cheshire for Resident with its beautiful mouth blown organic form was love at first sight. Molten black glass flows down in a fluid gradient to opaque glass and defines this spectacular pendant. If you're keen to see a set of Parison lamps in all their glory then a trip down to Odette's Eatery is a must do.

TREND / It's been hard to go anywhere lately without seeing an interior defined by vibrant copper or brass. Leading the charge is in this interior direction is Tom Dixon whose offering of inspired interior solutions have us wanting to collect them all.

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