27 NOV 2011

Favourite Furniture Commercials #1

Our first in a series of fantastic vintage furniture commercials. This one is from Australian maker Wrightbilt Furniture.

We love this quirky 1960s Wrightbilt Commercial. A glamorous couple show that Wrightbilt suits their lifestyle. Wives will be the picture of sophistication, curled up in a frock on the sofa while talking on the phone. Husbands will be the epitome of masculine cool while smoking a pipe and drinking tea. Who wouldn't want 'the best seat in the house'?

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Best of 2018

It's been another busy year for us and we want to take the time to say thanks to all the amazing customers and friends who have supported us throughout the year. From all of us at Mr. Bigglesworthy we hope you have a Merry Christmas and festive holiday season.


Christmas Style Guide + Holiday Hours

While everyone's dining table will look a little different this Christmas, we've put together some fun ideas with the help of talented stylist Sara Black which will complement any meal.


Introducing the Cheerful Wooden Characters of Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen is one of the most celebrated names of Danish design, and for very good reason. The silversmith and designer for which the brand is named dedicated his life to crafting small wooden toys of the highest quality for gifting to loved ones on special occasions.


Tel Aviv – Bauhaus Capital City

If you had to guess where the largest collection of Bauhaus or ‘International Style’ architecture was located, the safe bet would be a German city like Berlin, Stuttgart, or even Dessau. The correct answer is surprising – it’s the Israeli city of Tel Aviv or the ‘White City’ as it’s affectionately known.