26 APR 2016

Introducing Architectmade

Danish Handcrafted Wooden Objects

When you stare at sideboards and chairs for as long as we do, Danish design can feel very serious. It’s refreshing to know that some of Denmark’s most famous Architects also crafted cute, thoughtful and perfectly formed toys and gifts for friends. Danish company Architectmade continues to produce many of these quirky, lovable objects and they’re still handmade by local craftspeople.

This unique company offers a glimpse into a few, rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. These beautifully crafted pieces are designed to be cherished and shared for generations to come.

Kristian Vedel sums it up nicely, describing the designs as “emerging from the inside out". Each Architectmade object is crafted with architect-precision and personal vision that comes from the heart, reflecting the individual values, beliefs and ways of life of some of the greatest Danish architects of our time.

Testament to their elegant simplicity and refined craftsmanship, they’ve become icons, standing the test of time and serving as a reminder that in today’s trending world, quality is still timeless.

The Turning Tray was designed in 1956 by Finn Juhl, one of Denmark’s most famous architects who was known for his bold, sculptural forms and ultra-refined detailing. The tray bears his trademark curved teak frame, precise corner joints and playful use of colour. Made without handle bars, the tray’s curvature allows space for all sizes of hands, from child to adult, to pick it up. Designed as dual-sided, the Turning Tray boasts two glossy laminate sides held together by carefully crafted corner joints.

Shop Finn Juhl Turning Tray - Large

Shop Finn Juhl Turning Tray - Medium

Shop Finn Juhl Turning Tray - Small

Kristian Vedel's 'Bird' Series perfectly captures the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines and elegant form create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. It was one of the most successful Danish designs of the 1950's and is just as fun and enticing today.

Shop Kristian Vedel Bird - Large

Shop Kristian Vedel Bird - Chubby

Shop Kristian Vedel Bird - Small

Inspired by the beauty of possibility, the Gemini candleholder by Peter Karpf is a perfect union of form and function. Designed mathematically to allow for the candles to be the smallest distance apart while still remaining stable, the Gemini stands out for its clean lines and simple purity.

Shop Peter Karpf Gemini Candleholder

The Owl was designed in 1960 by Paul Anker Hansen. His design career started when he took his love of animals and made them in wood for himself and his family. He eventually began to sell his designs and his hobby was suddenly transformed into a career, bringing smiles to the faces of generations to come.

Shop Paul Anker Hansen Owl - Large

Shop Paul Anker Hansen Owl - Small

In 1963, Poul Kjærholm designed the Fredericia Town Hall and created PK-600, a large, 250kg black marble bowl. This form, part sculpture, part functional object, was welcomed with remarkable public success. In response, Kjærholm designed its offspring, the PK-Bowl, so that everybody could enjoy it as a part of their own household.

Shop Poul Kjærholm Granite PK-Bowl

Made of solid copper, brass and stainless steel, Trepas, designed by Peter Karpf in 1966, is a system of tea light holders. Searching for the perfect vessel for this simple and universal candle, Karpf created a system of holders that can be positioned in countless ways.

Shop Peter Karpf Trepas Candleholders - Nine

Shop Peter Karpf Trepas Candleholders - Six

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