07 JUL 2018

New Brand Launch: Swedish Lighting Maker Oblure

We are thrilled to announce the latest brand to join our stable – contemporary Swedish lighting maker 'Oblure'.

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As a hybrid of the words ‘Object’ and ‘Allure’, Oblure perfectly embodies the initial delight felt in discovering an object that is completely new and unique. Founder Erik Möller recalls falling in love with objects as a child, and carries this youthful sense of wonder through to production today.

The ability to capture this sentiment of absolute awe is what makes Oblure such a strong and memorable brand. With each design holding an element of surprise, Oblure has developed an impressive range of innovative objects that push the boundaries of lighting as we know it.

Mondo Pendant Lamp by Oblure

The Mondo series has become a stand-out collection for the brand, after its successful launch at the 2018 Maison & Objet in Paris. Designed by Antonio Facco, the collection was conceived as an astronomical venture, not only in its bounds but in its subject matter. Spheres and crescents combine to convey moon-like eclipses in hanging pendants and striking floor lamps. An interactive function also hands back control to the user, giving the option to adjust overlapping shades and design individual graphic shadows.

Mondo Triplette Pendant by Oblure

Mondo Floor Lamp by Oblure

Balance Table Lamp in Brass by Oblure

For those that recall playing with marbles as children, the Balance table lamps will surely appeal. Constructed as two narrow shelves supporting several orbs seemingly in motion, these gravity-defying structures certainly live up to their name. Holding the nostalgia of rolling catseyes down ramps of the steepest gradients, the Balance lamps embody a great sense of fun in their thoughtful design. With bases crafted from solid marble and brass, the Balance lamps incorporate premium materials to help anchor these delicate designs.

Good Form co-owner Dan Eagle remembers the utter excitement felt in viewing the Balance Lamp for the first time, and comments on how the other lighting designs are no exception. On Oblure he says "This is a brand that fits perfectly with the direction we have set for Good Form, to embrace and offer access to memorable timeless designs that get better with age."  

Oblure is exclusive to Good Form in New Zealand. A selection of Oblure lighting designs will be showcased in-store, and will also be accessible online.

Trapeze Modular Pendant Lamp by Oblure

'Inside' Pendant Lamp by Oblure – Detail

'Inside' Pendant Lamp by Oblure

'Cirrata' Table Lamp by Oblure

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