16 OCT 2018

New Zealand Modern Collection | Opens October 18, 2018

At the heart of Mr. Bigglesworthy there has always been a love for local modernist design. Each year we hold back some of our favourite New Zealand pieces to showcase them together in a special 'NZ Modern Collection' collection.

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The collection celebrates the bold forms and boundary pushing designs that defined a uniquely New Zealand perspective on the mid-century modern interior. We have searched extensively for rare and exciting examples of modern design with a focus on ground breaking works from the 1950s.

Post-war New Zealand was an exciting period of design as the relatively young country began to form its own identity. This was a ground breaking time for experimentation with new forms and materials and this was met with a greater acceptance of modern design from a generally conservative local audience.

Furniture designers such as Garth Chester, Bob Roukema and John Crichton all searched for a Pan-Pacific expression of the modernist ideals pioneered by the great international design masters. They sought to integrate local materials and tastes into the greater modernist narrative.

The country was also fortunate enough to have a number of European emigres arrive due to the onset of WW2. These bold pioneers, including Ernst Plischke, were integral in sharing and teaching their more advanced and refined understanding of modernist architecture and design to a New Zealand audience.

We are lucky enough to have a rare drop leaf table designed by Ernst Plischke that perfectly captures the International Style of the modernist movement. This is complemented and expanded upon by some of the early organic forms embraced by local producers such as Airest and Jon Jansen.

Our intention with this collection is to showcase and celebrate our country's bold steps forward in embracing an international perspective while being confident enough to interpret it through a local lens.

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