21 JAN 2019

Warm Nordic Center Stage at the Elle Syle Awards

The luxurious ELLE Style Awards is the Danish fashion industry’s most prestigious ceremony of the year. A coveted place at the show will have you rubbing shoulders with the industry’s most talented creatives alongside Denmark’s celebrity elite to celebrate the crème de la crème of Danish fashion.

This year the event took inspiration from 70’s disco glam and was held in the impressive Concert Hall of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Warm Nordic was invited to contribute designs that channeled the decadence of the era and aligned with the prestigious nature of the event.

Warm Nordic furniture and lighting designs were selected from both the classic and the contemporary ranges. Guests were greeted by the fine Fringe lamps at the entrance and the interior of the concert hall filled with key lounge pieces that created the setting for the evening's awards ceremony.

One of the stars of the evening had to be the Galore sofa from celebrated contemporary Danish designer Rikke Frost. The flexibility of modular design really came to life and created a setting that captured the exuberance of the evening. The sofa's were perfectly paired with elegant Warm Nordic marble topped Oval Secant Table to complete the setting.

The event allowed Warm Nordic to embrace and radiate their core values; cosiness, warmth, colour and, not least, impressive Nordic design of high quality.

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