29 MAR 2019

The Best of The Summer Bach

It doesn't get much better than summer in New Zealand, thanks to wild stretching beaches and sprawling bush walks right on our back doorstep. When that back doorstep belongs to a covetable Kiwi bach, you've really hit the jackpot.

While the bach is a quintessentialy Kiwi concept, the holiday home is a universally loved place to escape to for a long weekend. This summer, we've expanded our horizons and included some international design inspiration to bring back home.

So pack your bags, the humble kiwi bach is going places.

Photo Credit: Utility Shed, Great Barrier Island. Photographed by Jackie Meiring. Designed by Herbst Architects

A Breezy Kiwi Bach

Nestled in a hill overlooking the Coromandel, the Castle Rock House by Herbst Architects embodies a seamless transition between the landscape and the modern bach. Embrace this natural approach to living in relaxed, clean-lined furniture and organic objects of design.

Photo Credit: Castle Rock House. Photographed by Patrick Reynolds. Designed by Herbst Architects

A Stockholm Sancturary

Elevated in the Stockholm archipelago is a modern tree-house with sweeping views of the surrounding island. When it comes to decorating a cabin in the woods, look no further than natural timbers, luxurious fabrics and of course a drinks trolley for a cosy night cap.

Photo Credit: VIGGSÖ House. Photography by Mikael Olsson. Designed by Arrhov Frick Arkitekkontor

Modernist Moves in Britain

Ok, so it's not quite a kiwi bach but this stunning modernist home would make a great holiday destination. This amazing space was designed by architect Jørn Utzon who also happened to design the Sydney Opera House. Open spaces host an eclectic mix of modernist furniture, with uninterrupted views out to the landscape beyond.

Photo Credit: The Ahm House, Hetfordshire, England. Photographed by James O Davies. Designed by Jørn Utzon (of the Sydney Opera House).

Words by Gemma Mansell

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