08 AUG 2012

Eye Candy

For those who love bold, bright prints and colour, here are some images to inspire.

In New Zealand we tend to gravitate towards sophisticated, understated colours like black, beige, charcoal - and on the special occasion duck egg blue. Bold prints can often come across as garish or over the top but here are some interiors which have nailed the concept of colour. We hope you are inspired to add a dash of fuchsia, ultramarine or mandarin to your home or office.

More inspiration you might like

New Zealand Modern Collection | Opens October 18, 2018

At the heart of Mr. Bigglesworthy there has always been a love for local modernist design. Each year we hold back some of our favourite New Zealand pieces to showcase them together in a special 'NZ Modern Collection' collection.


Tibor Donner House, 1947

Last weekend we were delighted to take part in the Auckland Heritage Festival viewing of the home built for his family by Hungarian architect Tibor Donner.


Introducing Warm Nordic – Classic and Contemporary Scandinavian Design

Warm Nordic first came to our attention as a contemporary Scandinavian design-house that does things a little differently.


Good Form Sample Sale

We are delighted to present our very first sample sale. All available items are listed below, some have been used as floor samples but present very well. Be in quick to pick up these designer goodies at an extra special price.