19 MAR 2013

Press - March 2013

It is all too easy to fall in love with mid century furniture.

We love Homestyle magazine so it's great to have our sculpted blue mid century armchairs featured in one of their latest issues - Summer Living. Since the publication, one of the chairs has been sold! The other waits in the gallery for a loving new home. Amongst a cornucopia of retro delights, Emma and Dan shared their thoughts on 1970s design in the 6th of March Viva. Pictured alongside was a picture of our gorgeous Michael Payne Osaka Chair, 1970.

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'Neck of the Woods' Vintage Collection – Opens 8 March

Neck of the Woods, an upcoming vintage collection from Mr. Bigglesworthy. It responds to the late summer season and incorporates contemporary, saturated colour accents. Dan and Emma Eagle have curated pieces which combine sculptural lines with organic forms.


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