14 MAR 2014

Press - Two of our Favourite Man Brands

The latest campaign images from I Love Ugly's A/W 2014 Campaign and a new, effortlessly cool new brand of leather goods 'The Brothers' feature pieces from Mr. Bigglesworthy.

Fine fashion and furniture - it's always a beautiful match. Two of our favourite brands incorporated a series of our furniture and objects recently into lookbook and campaign shots, showcasing current collections. For more on the stylish leather goods and clothing featured here visit I Love Ugly or The Brothers.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Hans Olsen

Mr. Bigglesworthy is proud to celebrate the work of legendary Danish designer Hans Olsen. We look back through our collecting history and reflect on some new developments from his range of classic furniture from Warm Nordic.


Alexander Calder: Radical Inventor at the NGV

The most impressive Calder work we've seen in our travels is in Chicago, "Flamingo" (1974). It's not traditionally attractive but it's definitely memorable and like great art, the more you find out about the artist and their work, the more it grows on you.


MONA – Refreshingly Irreverent and Dark

If we had several hundred million dollars we'd definitely consider starting a museum.


Good Form Event 'Luminary'

Our design store for new products, Good Form, is proud to celebrate two years in business with the launch of 'Luminary', an event and exhibition focused on designer lighting.