DON 'Concord' Armchairs

Clean lines and sharp angles, these armchairs are among our favourite designs from New Zealand maker DON Furniture.





It's not hard to see what all the fuss is about. Sleek, aerodynamic curves are set in a radiant mahogany 'show wood' frame creating an ultra streamline 20th century classic.

These chairs have a lightness of form present in the best mid-century Danish inspired design. Languid long arms and pointed ends are the standout feature of the piece, supported by outward splaying legs and stunning negative spaces between.


Materials: Beautifully crafted from solid mahogany

Wood Finish: Full professional restoration. Note there is one 1cm x 1cm black mark on the foot of one chair.

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go. Note the joints at the top of the chair have separated a little but they remain strong with no structural issues. This in no way detracts from the excellent overall appeal of the piece.

Fabric Type: Impulse 'Liquorice' designer fabric from James Dunlop, RRP $79.95 per metre

Foams: Luxurious new high quality upholstery foam.

Spring Cover: Crisp new spring cover with original maker's label attached

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