Maple Dining Table by Russell Wright for Conant Ball

This impressive walnut dining table is the perfect canvas for a great dining experience.

Conant Ball | USA
Russell Wright | USA
W 159cm - 247cm, D 101.5cm, H 77cm




American designer Russell Wright (1904–76) has significantly influenced the modern lifestyle. His most famous contribution was his organic and sculptural American Modern dinnerware, a collection that sold over 200 million pieces from 1939 to 1959. Unlike any industrial designer before him, Wright became a household name by pressing his signature into the underside of every product he crafted.

Wright also designed a succession of popular furniture lines from the early 1930s through the 1950s. His most popular line of "blonde" wooden furniture was produced by the Conant-Ball company of Gardner, Massachusetts. The designs were clean lined, artistically distinctive and commercially successful, helping introduce modern design to the general public.

Whether your dinner party consists of one or ten, this sleek American dining table is the perfect piece. Clean lines, vibrantly grained maple and a substantial surface area define this impressive offering – this is dining perfection! This extendable table has three leaves, so you can choose the length. Seat a few guests or drop in the leaves and seat the extended family for Christmas dinner.

NOTE: This piece is currently not in store. Please get in touch if you would like view.


Materials: Beautifully crafted from maple

Wood Finish: Table has been professionally refinished by our restoration team

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

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