Serge Mouille Double Wall Light

The highly celebrated French designer Serge Mouille created this elegant black wall lamp in 1954.

Serge Mouille | France
Serge Mouille | France
1954 | 2000's edition
L 175cm (Arm 1), L 113cm (Arm 2), H 70cm




An icon of modern lighting design, this lamp is defined by an angular, insect-like form and crisp organic shades. This design is also highly practical, each shade tilts and revolves on a brass fitting while the arms swing independently providing a very versatile lighting option.

Serge Mouille (1922-1988) received a master silversmith diploma from the Paris School of Applied Arts and in 1941 opened his own metalworking studio. In 1953 Jacques Adnet, one of France's most prominent architect / interior designers hired Mouille to design lighting fixtures, an art to which he devoted the rest of his life. Mouille worked to achieve a kinetic, sculptural aesthetic that evoked a sense of movement in space.

Due to the rarity of Serge Mouille lighting, his wife Gin Mouille decided to re-introduce a new licensed edition of the original 1950’s designs. The original precision craftsmanship is applied to this edition to ensure the integrity of the early work is maintained. This example is a new licensed edition.


Materials: Spun aluminium reflectors, brass structure

Finishes: Black structure with white painted reflectors

This is an authentic stamped edition produced in France under license. Unfortunately the accompanying purchase certificate was misplaced by original owner.

NOTE: We don't have the original black screws to attach to the wall. We have replaced them with a brass equivalent