Harry Sebel

Harry Sebel (1915-2008) made his fortune as a pioneer in the use of moulded plastics in Australia. He has been credited with bringing good design to the masses. Not a bad effort for someone who left school at 15.

Sebel emigrated to Australia from post WWII Britain. Together with his metalworker father he established Sebel Furniture in 1947. The first chair to be produced at the factory was the wildly successful pressed metal "Stak-A-Bye" chair.

Sebel continued to grow, finding even even more success with the 'Integra' designed by Charles Furey. This piece came to typify Sebel's brave and playful style. After 30 years the Integra is still popular and in production under the company which still bears the name Sebel.

The Sydney Morning Herald noted that in 1982 he was asked about the number of sales for the Integra chair. "Sebel said he had sold more than 3 million by 1971. He had not had time to sit down and count them since. That was not surprising - Sebel was never still for long, and worried if he took more than a day off work".

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