As a hybrid of the words ‘Object’ and ‘Allure’, Oblure perfectly embodies the initial delight felt in discovering an object that is completely new and unique.

Lighting brand Oblure collaborates with internationally known designers, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company's vision is to offer characterful products with to a worldwide community of design lovers with a goal to create unique objects that intrigue and surprise the beholder. Founder Erik Möller holds a personal interest in the different and unique, enjoying how unusual objects can be fallen in love with in a childish way. In his opinion, design must be able to speak for it self, have its own voice. The intention is for Oblure to be a collection of strong design voices. Oblure was born from the desire to preserve the designer's feeling for the object in the transformation from sketch to drawing and from drawing to the final product. Design is about the interplay between form and function, which well balanced, will result in a strong feeling and sometimes even love for objects.

I guess it all goes back to my personal interest in the different and unique. I like the strange and odd and can really fall in love with objects almost in a childish way

Our Oblure pieces