Michael Payne

Wanganui architect Michael Payne's foray into furniture design led to the creation of one of New Zealand's most notable and celebrated chairs.

Michael Payne enjoyed a successful career in New Zealand and internationally as an architect. His name branches into the pages of New Zealand industrial design history because of the astounding achievements he made with the Expo '70 pavilion.

Payne excelled on the brief for a dynamic, engaging space to represent New Zealand design. Using PVC pipes to form a central geyser column, these contrasted against a black dome. Inside the space visitors enjoyed New Zealand cuisine in an impressive environment entirely fitted out with the best of New Zealand design.

Crown Lynn and Crown Crystal were represented yet the standout piece was the ply and leather swivel chair designed by Payne. It was produced in collaboration with his friend Ray Reesby at Nova Interiors, in Wellington.

Take a look at this short video on the Osaka 70 Expo presented by Michael Payne.

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