Hadrill & Horstmann

British firm Hadrill & Horstmann created some of the most memorable and innovative lamps and lighting solutions of the 20th century.

Hadrill and Horstmann lamps are defined by a unique barrel-weighted counterbalance mechanism and are affectionately known as 'Rollers'. Early lamps such as the 'Touchlight' from the late 1940's were simple counterbalance designs that allowed the company to produce affordable products at a lower price point than established competitors. The lamps were a hit with housewives as they were light, easy to move and painted in the latest contemporary colours like pastel green.

In the 1950's the simple form of the early models evolved into what has become one of the most coveted industrial lighting designs of the 20th century, the barrel weighted 'Roller'. The new designs were embraced by the public and a number of unique variations were produced for use in the home, workshop or office. Rare models include the 'Pluslite' with it's integrated magnifying lens and a number of workshop trolley models.

In 1956 Hadrill and Horstmann was acquired by Simms, an automotive manufacturer. Simms then produced a series of new electrical goods based on the Roller design called the 'Simplus' range. Today, the unique brilliance of the Hadrill and Horstmann lamp is easily appreciated and highly coveted throughout the world.

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