Archie Shine

East London furniture maker Archie Shine produced some of Britain's most desirable furniture during the mid 20th century.

What does it take to win design of the year from the British Design Council? Just take a look at the 'Hamilton' Sideboard. This beauty was winner of the 1958 award and one of a string of stunning designs by leading designer Robert Heritage.

Archie Shine excelled by offering high end furniture to the affluent middle class. From the Danish modern inspired style of the late 50s to the masculine chrome and rosewood furniture which emerged in the late 60s, Archie Shine always offered the best.

Cool clean lines combined with post war modernist sophistication nodded to the 1951 Festival of Britain and its optimistic, forward looking ethic. The much coveted Archie Shine furniture was always fashionable, and was sold through upmarket 'Heals' department stores.

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