D A Lewis and Co

D A Lewis remains one of New Zealand's most enduring furniture businesses, hailing from a story of kiwi backyard shed ingenuity.

D A Lewis designs brought quality craftsmanship and affordable style to New Zealand. Their products echoed international trends towards organic modernism.

Entrepreneurial from the start, in 1937 twelve year old David Arther Lewis designed letterboxes as a hobby. He found a buyer in Smiths City, Christchurch. After receiving a cabinet making apprenticeship Lewis incorporated a company bearing his name and set to work in the backyard shed.

The manufacture of side-tables and bedroom furniture stemmed into lounge furniture in 1958. Success led to the company relocating to a colossal 50,000 square foot premises in 1961. D.A Lewis then expanded into international wholesale furniture as well as their premium local offerings.

Our D A Lewis and Co pieces