Curtis Jere

The inspired sculptures by Curtis Jere for Artisan House have become coveted mid century objects of desire.

Curtis Jere was founded in California in 1964 by Curtis Freiler and his brother-in-law Jerry Fels. Prior to founding Curtis Jere, Fels and Freiler ran a costume jewelry company, Renoir & Matisse. When a fire destroyed the company in 1963, the duo decided to start over in the decor industry.

They called their new brand Artisan House and adopted the nom-de-plume Curtis Jere for the brand’s sculptural metal decor line. Their self-prescribed goal was to produce “gallery-quality art for the masses.”

Curtis Jere sculptures quickly gained a passionate following and the company was represented by high end studios throughout the States, like Raymor in New York City.

Recent appearances of Curtis Jere artworks have been sighted in the hit TV series 'Madmen', creating a new surge in popularity.

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