Michael Draper

Michael Draper's elegantly crafted steel furniture defined high end New Zealand design during the late 20th century.

Michael Draper has created a legacy of beautifully crafted furniture from the material of his choice - steel.

Draper was born in Northern Ireland but immigrated to New Zealand during the 1960s. His family had a background in textiles and design which he pursued in New Zealand, eventually owning a large textile manufacturing company.

Draper had no formal design qualifications but excelled in textile design and manufacture, often travelling to Europe for inspiration and to view the latest international trends.

When Draper turned his creative energy to furniture making in the 1970s he quickly decided that it would be defined by steel. His first design was an elegant steel trolley, this was soon followed by seating, desks and shelving.

As Drapers legacy grew, so did his range of furniture which eventually spanned both an indoor and outdoor offering. Drapers furniture was beautifully crafted and aimed at the high end of the market. In 2005 Draper won the outdoor category of the NZ Home & Entertaining Design Awards.

"I’m not interested in designs that won’t endure physically or

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