30 APR 2015

Resene Architecture and Design Festival

It's almost time again for the Architecture & Design Film Festival! Now in its fourth year, this carefully curated festival never fails to provide a serious dose of inspiration.

This year the films have been grouped into 4 themes: Architectural Perspectives, Design Inspirations, Experiments in Space and Greenscapes; a broad range of subjects that highlight the breadth and diversity of the design world.

We're very excited about the the films on offer this year - there really is something for everyone with a love of design. Check out our top picks for the festival.

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The Festival will be in your city on these dates:

Auckland / May 7 - 20 / Rialto Cinemas

Wellington / May 28 - June 10 / Embassy Theatre

Dunedin / June 11 - 21 / Rialto Cinemas

Christchurch / June 25 - July 8 / Academy Gold

See you there!


In Memorium: Ian Athfield 15 Jul, 1940 - 16 Jan, 2015

Two films about the life and work of Ian Athfield will be playing as a tribute to this dearly loved New Zealand archtiect. Billed as a double feature, the first film, 'Architect of Dreams' examines Athfield's 40 year career, starting with when he first shook up the establishment in the 1960s. Athfield became known for his unconventional home designs, his iconic civic buildings and his focus on sustainablility. The second film, 'Athfield Architect' was made by Sam Neil back in 1977 and looks at the architect's achievements thus far and, in particular, a competition he won in 1975 to design housing for squatters in Manila.


Haus Tugendhat

Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe in 1928 - 1930, Tugendhat House in Brno, Czech Republic, is a modernist icon. The film explores the epic history of the building from pre World War II optimism followed by Nazi confiscation and occupation, the forced displacement and emigration of the Tugendhat family and the building's many subsequent uses.


The Nature of Modernism: E Stewart Williams

The king of Palm Springs Modernism, E Stewart Williams' career took off after convincing Frank Sinatra that Modernism (rather than Frank's suggestion of Georgian) was the coolest option (both literally and figuratively!) for a desert locale. The home was the beginning of a string of modernist buildings, both public and private designed by Williams in the Coachella Valley.


Coast Modern

This film focuses on the modernist architecture of North America's west coast; from LA all the way to Vancouver. Spanning from 1922 until the present time, the film explores the values and geography of the west coast and their influence on designers from as early as Frank Lloyd Wright through to the present day.


Gray Matters

Gray Matters explores the fascinating life and career of Eileen Gray - one of modernism's most unsung heroes. She was born in Ireland in 1878 but she spent most of her life in Paris. Her career spanned several decades from producing beautiful lacquer work in the first decade of the 20th century and moving on to interiors and furniture design and then architecture in the 1920s. Although she continued to work, she fell into near obscurity after WWII until a magazine article in the 1960s drew attention to her many achievements. A number her furniture designs were subsequently put back into production such as her iconic Bibendum chair and E-1027 table. At the age of ninety-eight, Gray died in her apartment on rue Bonaparte in Paris.


Who Dares Wins: Zaha Hadid

This BBC production explores the phenomenal life and career of Zaha Hadid; the most successful female architect there has ever been. Hadid is known for creating other-worldly structures with gravity-defying forms. The film explores her childhood in Baghdad, her education in London in the 1970s, the formation of her own company in 1979 through to her current achievements.


Christiania: 40 Years of Occupation

This film looks at the history of the highly unconventional community of Christiania, Denmark. Christiania was founded in 1971 by squatters at an abandoned military base. The early '70s saw a severe housing shortage in Denmark and this, along with hippy idealism saw hundreds of people move to the 85 hectare site. While the government tolerated it at the time as a 'short- term social experiment', 40 years on the community still exists, and has developed its own set of rules, independent of the Danish government! The film interviews long term residents, police and government officials and explores issues such as consensus democracy, alternative building methods, drug policy and Scandinavian culture.



This film looks at the global trend of micro-housing and those who are 'thinking outside the box' in regard to this growing field. The film also addresses ideas such as portability, flexibility and independence.


Drop City

This documentary explores the rise and fall of the first rural commune of the 1960s. The community took shape on the plains of Southern Colorado and members built their homes from salvaged materials. After receiving an award in 1967, the community's population boomed leading to over-crowding and the departure of all the original members. By 1973, Drop City was abandoned.


Brooklyn Farmer

New York City doesn't normally conjure up images of high-yield gardening but Brooklyn Grange, a group of urban farmers, are looking to change this. The documentary follows the collective as they look to secure a new site - on the roof of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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