Pair of Fler SC58 Armchairs

Relax in style and comfort with this stunning pair of statement armchairs.





Fred Lowen shot to furniture stardom with the release of the atomic styled SC55 armchair in 1955. Three years later the highly anticipated SC58 cemented Lowen's reputation as a leading light in contemporary design.

The highly organic SC58 exudes the forward focused post war optimism of the 1950s. The slender design is distinctly Scandi-Pacific with it's refined lines and fluid boomerang style curves.

Both chairs were made in NZ by the Broadhead Bros and crafted from the finest timber available. We have coupled the radiant tiger striped oak with a high end designer fabric from James Dunlop - the result is stunning.


Materials: Beautifully crafted from solid oak with a steel spring frame

Wood Finish: Full professional restoration

Steel Finish: Steel frame in excellent used condition

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

Fabric Type: Reupholstered with Design of the Times 'Madison Authentic 12086' designer fabric from James Dunlop

Foam: Luxurious new upholstery grade foam (10 year life span)

Spring Cover: Crisp new spring covers

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