Pair of Jack van der Molen Drawers for Jamestown Lounge

These elegant drawers are a bold and elegant statement of American design.

Jamestown Lounge Company | United States
W 91.5cm, D 51.5cm, H 86cm




Jack Van der Mollen has a legacy for creating some of the most coveted mid century American furniture. He won many design awards but the one that made him a household name was the 1959 "Best Chair of the Year" award from the popular House Beautiful Magazine.

In the 1950's Van der Mollen designed one of his most lauded furniture lines - the "Americana Casual" range for high end maker Jamestown Lounge Co. The designs perfectly balanced clean lines with sculpted organic details and were considered the height of contemporary furniture. Each piece was crafted from lavish cuts of solid timber and crafted to the highest standard.

These bold chest of drawers from the Americana Casual line are absolutely breathtaking. Vivid blonde oak with highly figured grain is the timber of choice. The clean lines of the cabinets are supported by sculptural legs and complimented with refined drawer pulls that curve out from the face.

One chest of drawers has a fold down front which allows it to be used as a small desk. Together they are a stunning pair and the perfect storage solution for any contemporary space.

NOTE: Price is for both drawers


Materials: Beautifully crafted from solid oak

Wood Finish: Full professional refinish to the drawers. Bases are in good original condition with new finish applied

Drawers: Slide open and close smoothly. One set of drawers has a fold out desk compartment

Makers Label: Jamestown Lounge Company maker's label can be found on the inside of the top drawer on one set

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