Jon Jansen Organic Coffee Table

This inspired organic mid century coffee table is a stunning offering.

Bob Roukema | New Zealand
W 131cm, D 64cm, H 44cm




In the late 1940s and early 50s progressive architects and designers experimented with new timbers and forms that would distinguish their work from the dark, heavy set furniture of prior generations. Auckland based furniture store Jon Jansen was at the forefront of the drive to define a truly modern New Zealand aesthetic.

This is undoubtedly the best coffee table we've ever seen from mid-century New Zealand. Postwar design ethic combined with confidence and lightness of form has resulted in an elegant piece that would complete a bold living space in a modern environment.

Three tapered legs rise through circular openings to elevate an organic glass table top, leaving space for a fourth leg which terminates at the diamond shaped oak base. This open area encourages us to appreciate the beautiful mahogany grain and dares us to leave only the most beautiful books resting on its surface.

/ New Zealand Modern Collection pieces will be on display at the gallery until Saturday 26 October
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Materials: Beautifully crafted with solid mahogany

Wood Finish: Table has been professionally refinished by our restoration team

Glass: New glass

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

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