DON Furniture

DON Furniture was a must have item in any aspiring middle-class Kiwi home during the 1960s and 70s.

One of the largest furniture makers in New Zealand during the mid 20th century was DON furniture. When New Zealand clamped down on imports in the 1950s with a host of regulations, it presented an opportunity for local production of International designs. DON Furniture was a manufacturer that succeeded in the wake of this development.

During the 1960s, local tastes veered toward the clean lines of the Scandinavian style. DON Furniture catered to this market, with designs for New Zealanders inspired by leading international pieces. It offered quality construction, often crafted from radiant Sapele Mahogany timber, and a range of contemporary fabrics tailored to the New Zealand audience.

Check out this classic 1960s Don TV commercial to see the brand in action.

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