27 FEB 2019

An Organised Life

Start the new year with a life more organised. We've got some inspiration and tips from our own home.

Words by Emma Eagle

A few years ago a friend suggested a book by Marie Kondo 'The Art of Tidying' which was already a best seller. Recently she has appeared on Netflix and it seems like New Zealand has collectively decided to adopt the approach of a tidy life that "sparks joy". We've been re-inspired too, sorting and decorating with our own spaces.

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Shop Now / Michael Draper Shelving Unit

Tomado Shelving by Adriaan Dekker is pictured here in black, perfect for our bathroom setting with the addition of a plant and vintage art glass.

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We decided to use our hallway as a mini library and incorporated a vintage mid-century shelving unit. The shelf heights vary and we love using a range of artworks and objects to create character in our space.

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Shop Now / Kay Bojesen Hippo

Shop Now / Kay Bojesen Monkey

Shop Now / Warm Nordic 'Repeat' Shelf

We love having easy access to our dining accessories. This tall rosewood cabinet is perfect as a multi functional storage and display space. It's an easy way to define this part of our home as a dining area, and less attractive but functional things can be stored in the cabinet.

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Often sideboards are used in a lounge setting for AV equipment but we have found this taller piece is really functional for our office space. The space above is a simple way to present favourite artworks in a curated way that works so well with the stunning timber grain.

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Words by Emma Eagle, Photography by Dan Eagle

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