04 MAR 2020

Mr. Bigglesworthy: The Story of Restoration

Every design has a story – our restoration team looks to an object's past to preserve its future.

We are pleased to release a documentary short which highlights the craftsmanship of furniture restoration.

Mr. Bigglesworthy has a prominent reputation for curating and selling some of the best vintage furniture in New Zealand. Each piece is lovingly restored inhouse by the Mr. Bigglesworthy team. "Often we’re asked about our process. We're really proud of our team and we wanted to reveal more of what we do in the background before our furniture reaches the gallery," says Dan Eagle, co-founder of the Auckland-based design store.

Mr. Bigglesworthy started life over ten years ago as an assortment of interesting items in founder Dan Eagle’s garage. Each object was collected from thrifting and roadside inorganics, based on a knowledge of modern design and the ability to see the potential of an item rather than its current state.

In the years that followed, Dan’s passion for design inspired other members of the family to join the business including wife Emma Eagle, along with Dan's parents – making it possible to grow a skilled restoration team.

"Restoration is at the heart of what we do," says Dan. "It’s always been our hope to offer finished pieces that retain all of their vintage character and beautiful aging but that are also completely ready to be displayed and used in a contemporary environment.”

"Eliminating every problem associated with vintage furniture so there is no distraction from its beauty – that’s essential. The upholstery, joinery, cabinetry and mechanisms are all reviewed and restored to a high standard so that our customers can enjoy their furniture straight away.” 

The restoration thread has evolved over time and been refined through experimentation, materials and research. Incremental breakthroughs in technique enable greater precision when approaching each object.

This documentary short, beautifully produced by Process Studios, shares a deeper insight into the values that define Mr. Bigglesworthy, and the skill and craftsmanship needed to ensure a vintage design will endure into the next century.


DOP: Stephen Tilley

Videographer / Editor: Nik Parkinson

Creative Production: PROCESS Studios

BTS Images: PROCESS Studios

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