12 APR 2021

Curating and Displaying Mid-Century Furniture

We are often asked about our tips for displaying mid-century furniture in a contemporary home, and with many exciting vintage pieces making their way through our workshop soon to be on offer, we’re sharing what we’ve learnt about curating and styling these iconic pieces in a way that feels relevant today.

The refined elegance of the mid-century style means it works remarkably well in contemporary interiors without fighting for dominance with pieces from other periods. Mixing furniture from different eras can create a very impactful and memorable space. The key to success with introducing mid-century furniture is in the editing and selection process. Try and choose pieces that are appropriate for the size of the room. Mid-century sideboards are a great statement piece in a contemporary setting as they look great, add personality and depth, and can store a lot of clutter while providing a stylish space to display the latest audio-visual equipment.

Tom Robertson Sideboard in contemporary home by Strachan Group Architects

Image Credit / Photographer Ross Keane via sgaltd.co.nz

Lovisa Hager’s Home

Image Credit / Photographer Unknown via homishome.com

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We look for pieces that balance form, function, and quality. The mid-century category offers an amazing selection of beautiful pieces from different designers, makers, and countries; this allows a great level of individual taste to shine through when making a selection – from refined 1950s minimalism to flamboyant ‘70s glamor. This is exciting, but at the end of the day it’s important to ensure aesthetics are balanced by functionality and are well crafted from quality materials. This will ensure an investment piece will have a long life, age well, and maintain its beauty. Be selective about what you actually need and want to display in your home, remove unnecessary items and invest in quality pieces you love. We always make sure to offer finished furniture that maintain the character and history of the piece while making sure they display beautifully in a contemporary home. Eliminating these problems associated with vintage furniture ensures there is no distraction from its beauty or its inclusion in the contemporary home.

There is something inspiring about seeing a full mid-century interior on a show like MadMen where there is specifically curated aesthetic. But we feel there is no need for a full scale vintage revival. In a contemporary home, we prefer interiors that embrace the principles of mid-century ideals of craftsmanship, quality and timelessness. These values can be captured in many different periods of design. From our perspective, we feel it's important to reference history but it's important not to recreate it.

’Mid-Century Inspired Bedroom

Image Credit / Photographer Unknown via home-designing.com

The most appealing interiors we see are eclectic, personal, considered and uncluttered. Creating a beautifully put together interior space can take a bit of experimentation. As home is the ultimate expression of one’s self, curating your home can and should be a gradual process that will grow and change with you. It’s also just nice to know that a furniture or design piece has a history as well as a future, and can be passed on as an heirloom to someone special.

See below for our picks of inspiring interiors that effortlessly blend and curate mid-century pieces in a contemporary home.

Panton Chairs

Image Credit / Photographer Kim Jeffery via houseandhome.com

Mid-Century Inspired Living Room

Image Credit / Photographer Unknown via cocolapinedesign.com

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Frank Guille ‘Jason’ Chairs by Kandya

Image Credit Courtesy of Kathryn Tyler via homedsgn.com

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’Panton One’ Bar Stool by Montana

Image Credit / Photographer Unknown via montanafurniture.com

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