Stunning Kai Kristiansen Model 121 'Paperknife' Sofa by Magnus Olsen

Kai Kristiansen has perfected sculptural elegance with this elegant sofa.

Magnus Olsen | Denmark
W 168cm, D 73cm, H 75cm

$6750 NZD



The Model 121 sofa, affectionately known as the 'paperknife', marks a high point in Kai Kristiansen's design career. It perfectly captures the Scandinavian design ethic with its sharp organic curves, perfect proportions and refined elegance.

Crafted by high end maker Magnus Olsen, the quality is quickly evident. The unique sloping armrests are perfectly formed and the sofa has a robust lightness of form rendered in rich rosewood with a luminous grain.

This rare sofa will make a statement in any contemporary living environment.

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Materials: A beautiful rosewood frame, complemented by new upholstery

Wood Finish: In excellent original condition with new finish applied

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

Webbing: Original plastic coated spring band webbing underneath the seat base in good condition

Fabric Type: Reupholstered with Ficus 'Onyx' designer fabric from James Dunlop. Composition: 67% VI, 16% CO, 15% LI, 2% SE. See instructions here.

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