Ron Carter 'Cantata' Bedside Tables for Stag Furniture

This stunning set of mid-century bedsides is a superb example of the modernist British style.

Ron Carter | United Kingdom
W 44cm, D 43cm, H 57cm

$1450 NZD



British designer Ron Carter took over as design director for Stag Furniture in 1965 and worked for the firm until 1979. He followed on from the celebrated design couple John and Sylvia Reid. The first collection of furniture Carter designed for Stag was the successful Cantata range. It featured a very linear form which allowed multiple pieces from the range to stack closely and form larger sets.

This elegant teak set of bedside tables from the Cantata range features high quality construction combined with a crisp linear form. The handles create contrast with the linear lines of the drawers and are the defining feature of the piece.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from teak

Wood Finish: Respectful, in-house conservation by our specialist restoration team. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of each vintage item while ensuring it will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Mechanisms: Drawers slide open and closed very smoothly

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