Four Rare Frank Guille 'Jason' Chairs by Kandya

The Jason Chair is an iconic example of the exuberant post-war British design ethic.

Kandya | United Kingdom
Carl Jacobs | Denmark
W 51 cm, D 45.5 cm, H 71.5 cm | Seat H 44

$3400 NZD



The 'Jason' chair by Kandya is considered one of the most iconic post war British designs. The chair features an almost impossibly thin plywood seat, perfectly curved like an elegant piece of origami. This progressive use of a previously humble material inspired many subsequent designers to experiment with modern technology and embrace more sculptural forms in industrial furniture design.

The Jason chair was originally designed by Danish architect Carl Jacobs and featured a wooden base with cigar shaped legs. It was an incredibly beautiful design but the timber base was costly to produce and Kandya wanted a chair that would allow good design to be affordable to the masses.

In the late 1950's Kandya commissioned prominent industrial designer Frank Guille to reinterpret the Jason chair. Guille replaced the wooden base with a more utilitarian set of metal legs. He also introduced a range of colours to give the chairs a more playful appearance popular with younger tastemakers.

These particular chairs came from the Estate of John Crichton, one of New Zealand's most celebrated mid-century interior designers.

/ Price is for four chairs
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Materials: Beautifully crafted from ply and steel

Plywood: In very good original structural condition. Two chairs had a very fine hairline fracture to the top layer of ply. We have reglued with resin for a strong and durable restoration.

Makers Label: Registered design label in good condition can be found underneath the seat of the chairs

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