Refined Fred Lowen 'Flermont' Folding Sofa Daybed by Broadhead Bros

Fred Lowen's 'Flermont' daybed sofa perfectly captures the sleek Scandinavian aesthetic.

W 200cm, D 78cm, H 75cm

$3250 NZD



Harold and Alfred Broadhead set up Broadhead Bros in the Auckland suburb of Penrose in 1946. They aimed to provide beautiful furniture of the highest quality for the New Zealand lifestyle. In 1956 the brothers flew to Australia to meet groundbreaking designer Fred Lowen, they returned with the rights to produce Lowen's celebrated FLER designs in New Zealand.

The Flermont range is a classic example of the mid-century Fler aesthetic, it features a sculpted, aerodynamic frame in radiant mahogany perfectly crafted by 'The Bros'. Sharp 'concord style' armrests with stylish hook-end uprights and a lightness of form combine to create a 20th century classic. We love how the sofa folds down into a daybed, it's the perfect place for that sneaky afternoon nap.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from solid mahogany.

Wood Finish: Respectful, in-house conservation by our specialist restoration team. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of each vintage item while ensuring it will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

Fabric Type: Reupholstered with Cardozo 'Seal' designer fabric from James Dunlop. Composition: 100% PL. See care instructions here

Upholstery Foam: Luxurious new high quality upholstery foam

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