Floating Danish Queen Bed and Nightstands by Scan Design

This super stylish Danish bedroom set is absolutely stunning.

Scan Design | Denmark
Scan Design | Denmark
Bedsides - W 54.5cm, D 54cm, H 73.5cm | Bed frame - W 160cm, D 221cm, H 73.5cm | Internal Mattress size - W 155.5cm, D 202.5cm




Celebrated American furniture retailer Scan Design was founded in 1969 by two young Danes with a passion for the well designed and beautifully crafted furniture of their home country. The Florida based retailer quickly became the must go destination for authentic Scandinavian made furniture imported into the States.

Scan Design defined its offering by ensuring that the Scandinavian furniture they retailed not only looked great and was of high quality but suited American homes of the era with their need for larger proportioned pieces. They worked closely with Scandinavian companies like Westnofa to create bedroom and dining furniture with larger dimensions than what was expected in Europe.

This elegant mid-century Queen Bed with matching Nightstands perfectly captures the Scan Design ethos. It's a substantial and impressive offering, especially considering that the majority of couples throughout the world thought a double bed was luxury. The design also has a number of unique features including sliding trays for use while in bed and handy storage that utilises the under bed space.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from teak

Wood Finish: Good original condition with new finish applied

Slats: Good condition but rubber spacers have deteriorated slightly. This does not affect bed function.

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

Makers Label: Scan Coll badge to back of headboard and inside drawers

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