Stunning Jensen & Valeur (Attr) Architectural Desk by Dyrlund

An elegant desk from one of Denmark's most celebrated design duos.

Dyrlund | Denmark
Henning Jensen & Torben Valeur (Attr) | Denmark
W 156cm, D 75cm, H 72cm




This stunning Danish Desk is defined by a crisp architectural form combined with memorable detailing and craftsmanship. The design is elevated by the unique use of finger joints in many of the exterior elements including the drawer handles and sleigh legs. These graphic joints are usually a high quality feature found internally in the construction of drawers, in this design they take center stage.

The design is commonly attributed to Danish design duo Henning Jensen & Torben Valeur as they used similar external joints on their work for Munch Mobelfabrik but could equally be the work of any of the leading Danish designers of the era. Fully finished to the back and designed to stand out from the wall if desired, this streamlined offering is made to be appreciated from every angle.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from oak

Wood Finish: Top has been professionally refinished. Remaining areas in excellent original condition with new finish applied

Mechanisms: Drawers slide open and closed easily

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

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