Rare Tony Parker Teak Console by Parker

This is one of the most luscious mid century sideboards we've seen from the South Pacific.

W 170cm, D 38cm, H 77cm




Parker Furniture was a top of the range offering throughout the 1960s. The advertising catch phrase of the day proudly proclaimed that the designs are 'for people who make living an art'. With Tony Parker interpreting the finest Scandinavian designs for an Australasian audience it was a statement that quickly rang true.

This rare console makes sheer simplicity, utterly desirable. We love the elegant linear form crafted from vibrant teak timber in elegant proportions. This is a stunning design defined by premium craftsmanship and an uncompromising dedication to minimalism. It's a special compact offering that will elevate a cosier contemporary interior.

NOTE: The items showcased in our gallery are constantly changing – not all items are on display at once. Please contact us if there is a specific piece you would like to view and we’ll make sure it’s in the gallery.


Materials: Beautifully crafted from teak

Wood Finish: Respectful, museum level conservation by our specialist restoration team. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of the vintage items while ensuring they will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

Mechanisms: Drawers open and close easily

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