Deluxe Marius Byrialsen Executive Desk by Nipu Mobelfabrik

A grand statement for the office.

Nipu Mobelfabrik | Denmark
Marius Byrialsen | Denmark
W 200cm, D 100cm, H 72cm

$6950 NZD



Premium Danish Furniture maker Nipu Mobelfabrik specialised in high end executive furniture for large international corporations and wealthy individual clients. The company focused on the kind of designs that, in no uncertain terms, let everyone know who was in charge. Large scale, monolithic slabs of exotic rosewood combined with clean lined aluminium columns define the imposing aesthetic of designer Marius Byralsen.

This deluxe and generously proportioned executive desk perfectly captures the Nipu Mobelfabrik ethic. It's the kind of desk loved by Colombian drug lords, Banana Republic dictators and the heads of most international corporations in the mid 20th century. There will be no confusion about who the boss is when seated behind this timeless masterpiece. That's right, it's time to sit back, kick your feet up onto the vibrantly grained rosewood desktop and delegate all responsibilities.

These substantial desks are exceedingly rare as they had a price tag of a similar magnitude. They were produced in small batches for large progressive corporate firms to create a statement office

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from vibrant rosewood with a steel frame

Wood Finish: Respectful, in-house conservation by our specialist restoration team. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of each vintage item while ensuring it will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Mechanisms: Drawers slide open smoothly

Note: This desk has a slight tilt forward in it's standard position. We needed to use the adjustable feet to level the desk.

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